Sunday 30 December 2012

Bar Bar Black Sheep (Tanjong Katong Road)

(Another guest blog by @SGVekNZ)

There is a vast world of eateries out around the Eastern area of Singapore so one is very spoilt for choice. 

However; if it's one of those nights where you simply can't decide what to have, Bar Bar Black Sheep (BBBS) on Tanjong Katong Road is worth a try.

The logo always reminds me of New Zealand :) The 362 stands for the address of this branch; 362 Tanjong Katong Road

BBBS has a similar setup to a food court. Each kitchen is run by a different owner/chef. The atmosphere is relaxed and not pretentious at all. It is an open concept which means the place opens out onto the street. There isn't any fancy air con here but the ceiling fans do a pretty good job at cooling the place down. It can get warm, but we've never found it to be overwhelmingly hot. Unlike a food court however, there are waiting staff at BBBS and they'll come to you to take your order.

BBBS gives you the chance to choose between 3 types of cuisine; Indian, Thai or Western. This is excellent as it gives you the chance to order a drink first whilst you debate further on what you want to eat. The menu is well set out amongst the 3 kitchens.

The Indian place has a good offering of curries. The usual suspects are the Kormas and Vindaloos. The Naan bread varieties are also available along with an excellent selection of rice. Whenever we're there, the Indian food seems to be the most popular. It is definitely our fave.

For the Thai food; their versions of the Fish Cakes and Curries is also pretty good. We've tried the soft shelled crab dish before which isn't too bad. The Basil Chicken dish goes well with Rice and has that little kick in it from the Chillies. Overall the Thai food is okay. 

Western food; has a small offering. This consists of Burgers and fried foods; Fries, Calamari etc. Nothing very different here and we've never tried the Burgers. The ones coming out of the kitchen do look good though so we'll have to try it one day. 

Finally there is the Bar; what meal would be complete without a good selection of drinks. At BBBS there is a selection of Wines, Beers, non-alcoholic and Cocktails. The Cocktail list is quite large with a selection of about 15 or so mixes. For those with a thirst for Mocktails; a fancy non-alcoholic drink, there is also a small selection to choose from.

Casual setting
Table number. And that's all I have to say about that
The Bar
No GST, No Service Charge and you have to buy water here if you want it
On this visit we had Indian - Onion and Vegetable Pakora
Chicken Korma - Creamy and decent chunks of Chicken
Mutton Vindaloo - tasty; apparently one of the hotter dishes, wasn't that hot to be honest

Cashmiri Pilau Rice - rice with mixed Fruits and Nuts, cooling effect for hot dishes

Poppadom - TIP: Don't leave them uneaten for too long. In the Singapore heat/humidity, they lose their crunch quickly

If you're around the East; consider dropping into Bar Bar Black Sheep; don't let the bad play on words in their name put you off. It's a laid back place where people come to drink, unwind and chill out. It's the kind of place where you can sit for a few hours happily drinking and chatting. If you like sitting by the River, consider checking out their branch at Robertson Quay (they have other branches around Singapore).

If you're stuck as to what to have for lunch or dinner, it's a perfect place to order a drink first and take your time browsing the menu whilst you decide. With Indian, Thai and Western options, you should be able to find something to sink your teeth into. Indian is a definite favourite, drinks reasonable and the service okay.

Bonus; NO GST and Service Charge!

Check it out for another potential Feast in the East. 

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