Wednesday 31 October 2012

Fern & Kiwi is Hosting The Melbourne Cup

Be a part of an "event that stops the nation."  Witness the sights and sounds of Flemington Racetrack.

Get on down to Fern & Kiwi next Tuesday 6 November, as they host a Melbourne Cup lunch. 

Fern & Kiwi will have a special menu and will be offering Moet at the ridiculous price of just $60++ per bottle (or $18++ per glass).

Be there to watch the races from 10.30am, followed by The Melbourne Cup race, at 12 noon.

So put on your best hat and dress and get on down to Fern & Kiwi!

For reservations call +65 6336 2271 or visit 

Photos courtesy of Natalie Chan

Monday 29 October 2012

The Singapore Pie Hunt

If you have been following me on Twitter, then you would know about our pie dilemma.  If not, here's some background information.

A good old pie is hard for find in Singapore!  For us Kiwis, a pie has to have a good crust that's not dry, ingredients have to fill the inside of the pie, if there is gravy, it has to be thick and not too runny.

The two pictures below are of a pie that I brought at The Gourmet Pie shop, as you can see from the first picture, the crust looks crispy, not too dry . . . (a good start).

. . . but upon cutting it open, the gravy is oozing out (like soup), the gravy should be thick.

The next two pictures below are of a pie that I brought at Pies & Coffee, as you can see from the first picture, the crust looks dry, not very moist and crispy at all (thank goodness for the mashed potato on the side to help retain some saliva).  If the pastry is too dry, it cracks like a dry sandy dessert surface.  The picture speaks for itself. 

 . . . but upon cutting it open, there is no gravy to be found at all.

The search for a good pie (if not perfect) in Singapore continues!

If you know of a good pie shop, let me know by leaving a comment below.

I will update this blog post as and when I find more pie shops to try.

Sunday 28 October 2012

Bay Sushi at Marina Bay Shoppes

Bay Sushi is a cosmopolitan Japanese restaurant located on B2 of Marina Bay Shoppes, and upon entering the restaurant, you get a "casual dining" feel about it.


In the background you can see they have private rooms

We celebrated my birthday here, and here are pictures of the what we ordered.

The Premium Jumbo Unagi was the biggest we've seen.  Hubby said it tasted good too - so it's a 'thumbs up' from him!

Premium Jumbo Unagi - $7.80

Beware of the name 'Angry Salom', its angry alright, angry on taste - chili hot!

Angry Salmon LV 17 Roll - $15.00

Soba Roll - $12.00
California Temaki - $4.50
Dessert: Ice Persimmon -$5.60
I'll be back here again, as Japanese food is one of my weaknesses and the food here is made to order, and it tastes yummy!!!

Friday 5 October 2012

Being An Expat Wife Is Not All Glamorous

Being an Expat wife isn't all the glamorous you know.  It's not all about manicures, pedicures and massages!

For the full story, check out Andrea's blog post titled A Peek Into The Life Of An Expat Wife.

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