Saturday 5 February 2011

Chinese New Year Eve dinner

Our expat friends from Australia invited us over to their place for dinner.  We meet up with new friends from the UK, who arrived in Singapore about the same time as us.

A traditional Chinese New Year Eve meal was prepared, which was very colourful.  We started off the meal with Yu Sheng, more about it can be found here.

 Yu Shen - before

 Yu Shen - after

. . . followed by a YUMMY dessert!

Singapore Slingers

This was a game betwen the Singapore Slingers vs Chang Thailand Slammers.


The Singapore Slingers are an Asian basketball team that formerly competed in the Australian National Basketball League. They were the first - and so far the only - Asia-based club to compete in the NBL when they joined at the start of the 2006/07 season. The Slingers play their home games at the Singapore Indoor Stadium (SIS).

We were fortunate enough to win tickets to this game through a career website - Jobstreet.

We were surprised to see such a dismal turnout for the basketball game. The seats at Singapore Indoor Stadium were very empty.
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