Sunday 28 October 2012

Bay Sushi at Marina Bay Shoppes

Bay Sushi is a cosmopolitan Japanese restaurant located on B2 of Marina Bay Shoppes, and upon entering the restaurant, you get a "casual dining" feel about it.


In the background you can see they have private rooms

We celebrated my birthday here, and here are pictures of the what we ordered.

The Premium Jumbo Unagi was the biggest we've seen.  Hubby said it tasted good too - so it's a 'thumbs up' from him!

Premium Jumbo Unagi - $7.80

Beware of the name 'Angry Salom', its angry alright, angry on taste - chili hot!

Angry Salmon LV 17 Roll - $15.00

Soba Roll - $12.00
California Temaki - $4.50
Dessert: Ice Persimmon -$5.60
I'll be back here again, as Japanese food is one of my weaknesses and the food here is made to order, and it tastes yummy!!!

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