Saturday 22 December 2012

Golden Village Gold Class - The Extra chillout factor

(Guest post by Hubby - follow him on Twitter - @SGVekNZ)

When one goes to the movies there is always the usual option; grab some seats, grab some munchies and enjoy the show whilst sharing the theatre with up to 130 people. 

A bright spark came along and thought maybe some people want the business class version of the above; a smaller intimate lounge like setting (for up to 32 people) , waiters and a different selection of food and beverages including hot restaurant style food and drinkies. 

Enter Gold Class where apart from the usual fare you can get Dim Sim, Curry, Sandwiches etc and can wash it down with Cocktails, Beer or Wine. It adds a touch of class to the movie going experience and makes you feel that much more special. 

On this occassion, we were going to see The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey. Being Kiwis we were keen to fuel that New Zealand Pride. We went to Gold Class at I12 Katong.

The main lounge area is simple, clean and nice. The lanterns on the ceiling are a nice touch; very Asian. 

Pretty comfy seats

Decorated like a lounge

Pictures on the wall make it homely and less like a business

The Bar; Champagne, Cocktails, Wines, Beers and non alcoholic beverages are available

Food wise there is an okay selection as well. Nothing to rave about; it's a movie theatre after all, but it's good to see snacks, mains and desserts on offer. Don't worry though, the classic movie snack of Popcorn is still available :)

Menu:  "Read me!"

Let the selection begin - Burger? Chicken Wings? Choccy Brownie; your choice

There are 2 theatres set to the side of the main lounge. When it is time to go in the hosts let you know and help you move any food and drink to your personal seats. Now this is where Gold Class shines; each seating area is made up of 2 seats with the table in the middle. 

The seats are great as they're big comfortable arm chairs that can recline at a touch of a button. Simply adjust to desired level, sit (or lie) back and enjoy.

Ever been freezing in a Singapore cinema? Don't worry; you also get some warm Gold Class blankets to use! :)

Seats for 2 - own private space
Yip; those are the blankets draped across the back of the seats
Don't they look comfortable? Seat reclined, foot rest and a bottle of Wine

In the theatre you can still order food and drinks. Just like in a plane there is a call button on the table. 

Easy to spot the glowing Green button. Press, wait and someone will come and take your order

We got a range of drinks :) Bubbly, Coke and sparkling Water. Popcorn is hiding in the background

A slice of lemon for flavour :)

Peanut M&Ms in a Martini Glass - fancy

Gold Class is a real treat and it is great having a comfortable seat to sit in when watching your fave actors or movie. The screen is good too with great picture clarity.

It isn't cheap though at $39 per Adult; hence I say it is a treat.

If you're after a night out or having a date night, consider Gold Class as a fun alternative. You're in a spacious theatre and don't feel like you're surrounded by others or sitting next to a complete stranger. The seat is adjustable to just the way you like it so it's really easy to relax. 

Try it out.......Treat yourself :)

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