Thursday 11 December 2014

Napoleon - Food and Wine Bar

Well it was another weekend and that meant another foodie adventure with The Entertainer app! :)

I sat down in my fave chair and started to browse through the app, so many choices. However this time, it was Napoleon that caught my eye. Our friends just love what we call the "Magic Wine Machine". Basically it is a machine that holds different bottles of wine and you are given a charge card that you put into the machine. You can then make your selection of wine, choose a serving size and the machine dispenses it into your glass. At the end of the session you give the charge card to your waiter who will add it to your bill. Simple and magical! Well Napoleon had a few magic wine machines so I was sold. Decision made; off we went to Napoleon.

Napoleon is located at Telok Ayer Street and has indoor and outdoor seating. It is quite small and dark inside; which means that it can get quite noisy, so we chose to sit outside as it was a cool night. 

We did spot the magic wine machines inside though, so more than happy to casually stroll in and get our refills. They looked quite high tech as you'll see below. 

At Napoleon, the entire menu is on an iPad Mini. It was easy to tap on each of the tabs to see what is available. It also means that you can simply sent your order via the iPad wirelessly and wait for your food to arrive. This was great as it meant that you didn't need to wave someone over to take your order. Not so great if you prefer the personal service though. We placed our food order and then went off to explore the wine selection. 

The wines were all French and there was a good variety of whites and reds. The servings available at the machine were tasting, half glass or full glass. The prices ranged from $4 to $20+ depending on the chosen size. This can become an expensive way to drink so we would suggest getting a bottle if there is a particular one you like. 

In general though, great to be able to grab some wine whilst waiting for your food. We had a few glasses and then our food arrived.

As a starter we had their homemade Spanish Croquettas. They were stuffed with Parma Ham and Chorizo, served with a Mango Cilantro Salsa and Peanut Butter dressing. They're lightly coated with bread crumbs and then fried. 

These were lovely and soft to bite into as you get the crunchy fried coating and then the saltiness of the Ham and Chorizo. The Peanut Butter dressing was tasty and unique but didn't really seem to go with the Croquettas. 

Overall a great start and 6 Croquettas aren't really enough ;)

Now onto the mains. 

I had the slow cooked Chicken braised in red wine. This was cooked in the sous vide style and was cooked for 6 hours. This meant that the Chicken retained a lot of moisture and was super tender. It just fell off the bone.

The Chicken was served on a bed of Carrot purée and came with a medley of veges. Personally I would've liked mashed potato; I have a soft spot for it. 

The Chicken was definitely a highlight. I could've had a second helping. 

Our second main was the Angus Beef Tartare with a mustard sauce, egg yolk, onions and capers. There were also some crispy potatoes on the side. 

The tartare was a very generous serve with a very fresh egg yolk. The beef was very fresh as well and didn't smell heavily of meat. Once the onions, mustard and capers were mixed it, it smelt wonderfully fragrant. I know it isn't intended to be cooked but it would've made a great meatball mix :)

It was a great dish and worth trying at Napoleon. The colours were beautiful.

For the rest of the evening we continued to sip a few more of their wines, moving onto the reds to round off the evening. 

Napoleon is a great place to chill out and the wine dispensing machines; magical ones :p are a great way to try a variety of wines from France. 

The food is also good, simple and with a homemade feel to it. The ingredients are obviously very fresh. 

We think a few of our readers would enjoy Napoleon for a relxed, hassle free evening out. We had a nice evening and enjoyed the added value of having the Entertainer app with us :)

You can visit Napoleon at:
206 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068641

Have you been to a place with a "magic wine machine"? ^_^


Auspicious Banana - @SGVekNZ

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