Sunday 7 December 2014

When it Storms, it really Storms in Singapore!

Those of you who are out today are in for a real "treat". The heavens are putting on a real light show. We captured a video of today's storm.

In Singapore it doesn't just rain; it can really pour, it's like a dam has burst up above and tonnes of water is rushing out.

The thunder and lightning is also quite a sight to behold, particularly when it is monsoon season. It is currently the Sumatra Squall that is hitting Singapore. The thunder in Singapore is easily the loudest we've ever heard; the rolling thunder storms are awesome. When the crash of thunder can drown out your voice, you know it is a huge storm. The lightning shows are also amazing with big flashes; one after another. 

So if you're out and about and see a storm coming, look for shelter. An umbrella isn't going to protect you at all. 

If you're out and need to get home; when it rains, cabs are hard to get so before it approaches quickly grab one while you can. 

If you're at home, remember to look after your Kids and Pets. They might be really scared. Or maybe you might be scared too! :)

Enjoy the cooler weather though as the temperature will drop.

Keep dry during those storms people!

Do you like the storms in Singapore?


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