Wednesday 15 October 2014

Mexican grub comes to Boat Quay

During my weekday lunch wanders; I sometimes end up on Boat Quay. Most of the time it's for some Japanese Don Buri (see my previous post on Katanashi) but imagine my surprise when I came across Hombre Cantina. I'm a real fan of Mexican because you can simply have a full meal crammed inside a Burrito and it is best eaten with your hands; no knife and fork needed here. A quick check on The Entertainer app showed that Hombre Cantina was a one for one deal! Fate had decided and my lunch decision was made :)

Hombre Cantina is pretty chilled out and you can sit inside with a bit of air con; or just sit outside and watch the world go by as you munch away. The bar means that you can also sit back with a Beer.

The decor is kinda quirky too with plenty of posters and pictures everywhere. Not surprising; the theme is Mexico. I liked it as it isn't meant to be arranged in an organised manner; the pictures were just hung wherever one felt like it, so it gave the place a very casual and non pretentious feel. My kinda place :)

Onto the ordering. For anyone who has been to places like MexOut or Muchachos, the way to order should be pretty familiar to you. You start off with a base; like a Burrito, Taco, Rice, Salad etc and then choose your Meat and other toppings to go with it. Choose your Salsa carefully. I like it very hot so always ask for the spiciest one they have! The steps are easy to follow on their menu board.

On this occasion I went for the Burrito, with roasted Pork Shoulder, hot Salsa, Cabbage, Cilantro and Cheese. The Burrito does come with a small side of Corn Chips and a Can of drink.

The Burrito itself is very generous so is pretty filling. I was impressed with the flavour of the Pork; well seasoned and was very tasty. It seems like it had a rub on it and then slow roasted until tender. A very generous amount of Pork was given too. The Burrito was packed full of goodness so I was impressed. You would expect this at $15 per meal. 

The other ingredients had generous servings as well so I definitely didn't regret my lunch choice.

Probably on the expensive side for lunch (at $15) but with The Entertainer app, it was worth it. I would consider Hombre Cantina if I need another Mexican food fix around Raffles Place/Boat Quay. Check them out at number 53 Boat Quay.

Are you a fan of Mexican food?


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Hombre Cantina
53 Boat Quay
Singapore 049842

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri:   12.00pm to 12.00am

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