Friday 17 October 2014

Five destinations we would love to re-visit

We've been living in Singapore for over four years now and it's difficult to decide which 5 places should feature on this list. Since Singapore is a great hub/stop over place, it serves as a doorway to the rest of the world. We've basically been spoilt for choice when it comes to travel destinations. So without further a do; here goes.......

1. London, United Kingdom

London was the first long-distance flight we took from Singapore. We immediately fell in love with London because there is so much history, food (including pubs) and cooler weather. Being based in a hot humid place like Singapore, it's just nice to be able to wear a Winter Coat again in a colder climate. There is just so much history in London, that you're unable to see everything in a week. We simply loved all the fresh fruits and vegetables that you can buy; especially from Borough Market (check out our post here: Borough Market) one of London's oldest and largest food markets. Borough Market is a must visit for a Bacon Butty and to admire all of the wonderful Cheeses and other goodies. 

Food aside, we can't forget the amazing Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, our ride on the London Eye and the walk along the roof of the O2 was awesome.

 London is always incredible to visit.

2. Ubud, Bali

Ubud is a different sort of place. It is quite popular with tourists, but isn't as touristy as other areas like Kuta or Seminyak. The main reason is that Ubud is more inland so there aren't any beaches close by. It is however known for some great Arts and Crafts. There are many activities you can do here, from a stroll through the Komaneka Monkey Forest, Cultural Shows, Temples, Volcanoes and Coffee made from Beans that have gone through an animal's digestive system (Yes; the Beans are collected when the Civet has pooped it back out!). And who can forget all of the yummy Indonesian food.

Ubud is a nice quiet place to chill and get in those great massage therapies. (Also check out our Ubud Monkey Forest post.)

3. Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown has really put New Zealand on the tourism map. Interest definitely peaked with the popularity of The Lord of the Rings movies. When you finally get to view the splendour of the Queenstown scenery and mountains, you realise that the landscapes in Lord of the Rings are real and not computer generated. In short Queenstown is stunning and we can't help but always feel the need to visit Queenstown when we're back in New Zealand. 

There is something for everyone to do. Foodies and Wine lovers will appreciate the array of international cuisine that is available. The food incorporates fresh New Zealand produce as well, so visitors will always get the best ingredients in their meals. There are also many vineyards to visit as Queenstown is a Wine region.

Feeling adventurous? Why not go Bungee jumping, take a walk on Fox Glacier, go skiing or take an incredible Helicopter ride to the top of The Remarkables. The views are out of this World.

Queenstown has a very special place in our hearts. 

Oh; and did we mention there is a Wine Cave? (read our Wine Cave post to find out more.)

4. Venice, Italy

Venice; the wonderment of it all is so hard to explain. It's like a movie set with its old world charm and unique canals and waterways. Venice is beautiful and is a great place to get lost in. Part of the charm is getting off the beaten track; avoiding the crowded tourist areas, and just head down some random alley. We enjoyed doing this immensely and ended up in some great bars, found some markets or stumbled across beautiful Churches. Make an effort to get lost in Venice.

We have fond memories of our Gondola ride, the amazing St Marks Square and the Doge Palace.

Be prepared for some extremely tasty Pizza and Pasta too; and definitely remember to have your daily aperitivo!

5. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Another perfect candidate as a place to chill out, sip a cocktail and let your troubles blow away with the wind. There is no hustle and bustle here like Bangkok; it's more inland and doesn't have the beach crowds as well. 

We love Chiang Mai for the People. By far some of the nicest people we've had the pleasure of meeting on our travels; always quick with a smile and a greeting. 

Aside from the many temples you can visit and the yummy Thai food, we also had the experience of visiting an Elephant Sanctuary. We spent the day learning about these incredible creatures, learning basic commands, going for a ride in the Jungle and then finally coming to a river where we could wash our Elephants. They just loved this part! It's only fair right? They gave us a ride so we can return the favour by giving the Elephants a good scrub.


For the more adventurous, there is also mountain biking. This was a perfect way to see the surrounding areas from up high. The tracks were pretty steep and challenging but one can always stop along the way down to pick some Lychees to quench the thirst. Lychee Trees lined some parts of the mountain tracks. 

As customary with a Thailand chillout, don't forget the massages as well :)

And there we have it; the top 5 places that we would go back to in a heart beat. They're truly wonderful and it is with a heavy heart that we're not there this very minute. Writing this post has been a great trip down memory lane though. It has also started us thinking; where to next? Decisions, decisions...... :)

Don't forget to check out our other posts using the links in the article for London's Borough Market, Buckingham Palace, Ubud's Monkey Forest, and the Wine Cave in Queenstown New Zealand.

What are your top 5 places that you'd like to revisit?


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  1. What a great post! You are making me want to jump on a plane and go exploring!

    1. Thanks! It was very hard to write without wanting a to book a holiday as well!


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