Wednesday 6 November 2013

A Japanese Lunch for you Corporate types :) @ Katanashi on Boat Quay

(Guest post by @SGVekNZ)

During the working week there are 2 things I look forward to. The first one is obvious; going home at the end of the day. At a very close second is Lunch. I love Lunch to bits as it breaks up the day and also replenishes the energy drained from going through the dreaded inbox.

Working in Raffles Place means that it gets super crowded and you can end up paying a lot for Lunch despite there being a lot of options available.

Most of the time I would avoid Boat Quay for fear of getting squandered out of my Lunch money. That was until I came across Katanashi; a small little Japanese Don place (bowls of Rice served with various toppings) and now I'm hooked. At $12 for a set consisting of Salad, Miso Soup and a Bowl of Rice, you can't go wrong on price.

I usually order the Karaage Don (fried Chicken) or Chicken Katsu Don (Cutlet). Both are awesomely good, nicely battered or crumbed with a great crunch.

Fried Chicken; thats not a serving by the way! It is the distribution point for the Chefs to use :)

You can also request to have a poached Egg added on top as an extra treat ;)

The light Teriyaki sauce also flavours the Rice nicely. For the Chicken Cutlet, I enjoy the dash of Mustard they give you for a bit of a hit ie "Nom".

Teriyaki sauce, Rice, crispy Chicken? Nothing wrong here

The Salad is simple; greens with a Sesame sauce and the Miso Soup is pretty good for washing the Rice down too.

The Set for $12. Sorry, I ate the Salad 1st to get to the good bits :)

If you want, order some Edamame and the staff will play a game of Rocks, Paper, Scissors with you. They'll bring out a big Basket of Edamame and if you win, you can use all 5 of your fingers to grab as much Edamame as you can to eat. If you lose, you only get to use 3 fingers. They're all very friendly though so you should win most of the time :)

Edamame game rules

Great start to any meal

Katanashi is a great little place for some tasty food and the price is pretty good. Try and sit inside by the Kitchen counter and you can see  the team work their magic. 

A great little touch are their packets of tissues, they write & draw their own little cartoons on them for you. 

Customised Tissue packet - hand drawn :)

And as a real bonus they all shout a very friendly welcome or good bye to you in Japanese as you come and go :)

Check Katanashi out. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Katanashi can be found at 77 Boat Quay.



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