Thursday 17 November 2011

Orchids, orchids, lots of orchids!

After digesting the wonderful sights at Gardens by the Bay, my friends and I caught a shuttle bus from the Gardens, back to the Sands Expo and Convention Centre to see the Orchid Show.

There were so many different varieties of orchids, bright vivid colours.  There were even colours that I had never seen before.

These are a few of my favourite table displays.

Some of the wedding bouquets were amazing!

A selection of Standing Floor Arrangements made by students under the age of 13.  Wow!

A selection of Standing Floor Arrangements made by students between the ages of 13 to 21.  Amazing!

More orchid displays.

A display with a message as a tribute to the Japan Earthquake  . . .

This display reads:

On the left-hand side:
"Let's make a wonder-full world full with many flowers."

On the right-hand side:
"There was a big earthquake on 11th of  March 2011.  Many people were killed by this disaster.  Japan were full of sad.  People of the world gave courage and supported it.  Revival advances little by little now.  We send the Love-flower to the people of the world."


  1. great post Pam .... love the standing displays as shown here.

    Well done. xx

  2. Thanks Leone. Was a great day out, and it was fun too!


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