Friday 4 November 2011

The last 14 months . . .

Thought I would sum up my feelings (with pictures) that I have gone through in the last 14 months.

 Happy that Hubby finally received some good news, relating to a project he had been working on for the last four years!

Excited that we were going on our "first" overseas experience together!
  Anxious because I did not know what to expect in regards to starting a new life overseas.

 Stressed at having to find a new owner for our dog, renovating our house, packing up our lives into boxes and putting them into storage, organising a mover for the things we needed once we arrive in Singapore.
 Excited (again) - as there were only two weeks until we flew out of Auckland on a "one-way" ticket to Singapore!

  Sad - because it finally "hit" me that I was leaving my family and friends behind.

Excitement - we finally arrived in Singapore!
Anxious - the next step was to start our new lives in a new country and find somewhere to live.

Stressed (again) - we were struggling to find ways to stay in Singapore.  We even contemplated the thought of packing up and heading towards Melbourne, Australia.

Depressed - the fact that I could not find a job in the first six to seven months since arriving in Singapore!  Not even a follow-up phone call from recruitment agencies.

Excited that my Parents were coming over for a visit.
Sad to see them go!

Happy because I have a loving husband who makes me laugh every day and has kept my spirits up!
Happy because I have made a lot of friends since arriving in Singapore!

So, moving to a new country can be a little daunting to begin with.  But, it's people like your loved ones, and new friends that you meet that make it all worth-while!

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