Wednesday 26 November 2014

"Skoot" around Singapore

When the kind people at Skooter lent us one of their electric Scooters to try out one weekend; we knew there was gonna be some fun in store. 

There are many ways to get around Singapore but we must admit, we've never thought about an electric Scooter before. It turns out that it is fun, convenient and is another alternative for travelling short distances. We could see how it would complement other modes of transport; you can switch between your Skooter and the Bus for example, as Skooter is quite portable.

Now imagine the grin on our faces when Skooter got delivered and was sitting in our lounge :) 

The first thing we noticed is that the Skooter appears to be quite robust. It's of solid build and the look and feel isn't cheap and nasty. We only had it for a short test period so not sure of the life span; but on first impression, Skooter simply looks and feels good.  We got it to strike a few poses on a balcony for us.

For those that wish to use it at night, there is also a rechargeable light on Skooter. You can see it just above the front wheel in the picture. 

It can also be folded down as well and this was great for storage or if you needed to board a Bus or MRT. The handle bar simply folds down and it becomes a carry handle instead so that you can lift your Skooter. As we said; perfect for those on the go and need to transit onto different forms of transport.

Photo credit: Skooter

All up; the Skooter is about 13kgs with the battery creating most of the weight, so you'll need a bit of strength to carry it. The battery charges in about 3-4 hours and we've been told it can go for a distance of about 35km on a single charge. This isn't too bad. 

Now onto the fun stuff; the actual zipping around on the Skooter.

First thing is you'll need pretty good balance as you're basically standing on a moving platform with 2 wheels. If you can ride a Bike, you'll have no problems getting the hang of it. The platform itself is solid, stable and has enough room to put both your feet on it if needed. 

To get the electric motor going; just push yourself off and trigger the "gas" lever by the right hand handle bar with your fingers (trigger shown in the picture below along with the little console that shows all the functions). The motor will come to life and off you go! The brakes are on the left handle bar. 

Now; I can hear you speed demons asking, how fast can Skooter go? There are 2 speed settings; simply called, Slow and Fast. You can toogle this on the console. 

Slow is pretty tame and depending on your weight, you can hit around the 10 Kmph mark. Perfect for avoiding bumpy surfaces or going for a very slow cruise. This is a good speed for beginners until you're comfortable with your balance and ability to control your ride.

Shift gears into fast and Skooter really surprises. On a straight projectile we could hit 25 Kmph! Skooter is really "flying" at this point and is super fun. Very surprised with the speeds it could hit. We could cruise with ease along East Coast Park on this speed. 

On the FAST mode; Skooter is awesome. Remember though; safety first.

Alas; the weekend passed quickly and sadly we had to say goodbye to our temporarily fostered Skooter. Short lived but it was immensely fun.

The good folks at Skooter do invite our readers to head on down to their shop at 3 Lorong 6 Realty Park, Singapore 535817, to test ride the Skooter themselves. Also check out their website for more info

A massive thanks to the Skooter team.


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