Monday 24 November 2014

Like being spoilt for food choice? Try out Tiong Bahru Bakery

A quick lunch with fresh ingredients; who doesn't want that? Quality produce just makes the break from the office all the more worthwhile and I take lunch seriously :)

I haven't been to Tiong Bahru Bakery in awhile so when I spied it after a work meeting one day out at City Hall; I thought why not?

The wonderful selection of quality baked goods greets you as soon as you arrive at the counter. The selection is decent and I've always found it hard to make a decision. It's a feast for the eyes; as you scan from the left to right, it is wonderful Croissants, breads, fresh Sandwiches and then the mouth watering Cakes and Tarts. Temptation overload........

It dawned upon me that I've never written about them before; so here are some of the goodies I've tried at Tiong Bahru Bakery.

What I've noticed, is that they now have their new lunch set. They've never had this in the past. It is basically a simple Panani sandwich of your choice  and a Salad. 

I've tried the Bacon, Mushroom and Cheese Panini which comes with a Caesar Salad.

The Panini is toasted; which I love, and came with a reasonable amount of filling. Pretty standard fare but you've gotta love the stretchy Cheese.

The salad had a very mild Caesar dressing on it. Not really a taste sensation but it was fresh, crispy and did the trick.

Overall though; with so much more on offer, I wouldn't personally go for the lunch set again. It does feel like it's designed for people on the move and who need to eat quickly and leave. If you've got the time it is better to sit down with one of their other scrumptious Sandwiches from the cabinet. 

The Sandwiches are fantastic at Tiong Bahru. One of my faves is the Ham, Cheese and Rocket one. The Sandwich is laden with Rocket and attracts you with it's stunning green. 

The Ham has that familiar saltiness but the pepperiness of the Rocket adds a nice hot edge to it. Simple but delicious.

If you prefer, they also have the Bun version. It is softer if you're not a fan of the tougher outer layer of baked Bread. 

They also have one Calzone like item. It is beautifully baked with a golden brown glaze on the top and slits in the dough to give you a peek at the filling inside. Imagine my joy when I discovered it was stuffed with a Bacon mixture; what could go wrong? The saltiness of Bacon is so good. 

I'm sure that some of us just simply love the classics so it was awesome seeing the good ol' Croque Monsieur at Tiong Bahru Bakery. 

In between 2 fresh slices of Bread they've put Ham, Cheese and Sun dried Tomatoes. And of course; to round off the fillings, there is the Bechamel sauce to give it that wonderful creamy texture. On top they've sprinkled it was a bit more grated Cheese and then it is toasted to perfection; divine. 

With so many wonderful savoury items; I must admit I haven't tried many of their sweet items before, only a few. 

I've tried the Almond Financier which is simply amazing. I'm a sucker for Almond as well so that made it very easy to like. The Cake is soft and I'm sure it has some Almond Milk in it to really bring out that characteristic flavour; delicious. 

For those that love Custard, there is also the Mille-feuille that has custard in between several layers of Puff Pastry. It is also Vanilla Custard so you can see the characteristic black specks of Vanilla Bean. The Custard and Pastry is an amazing combination. One bite and you're in heaven.

I must really try more of their sweet offerings. Judging by the quality of the ones I've tried, the other Cakes and Tarts would be awesome. It'll also go well with their Coffee, which is also pretty good.

So whenever you're around City Hall; and in the Raffles City shopping mall, seek out Tiong Bahru Bakery. They can be found at #B1-11/12, opposite the UOB Bank. 

Look out for the cabinet display with all the yummy goodness in it; you can't miss it. 

Have you tried Tiong Bahru Bakery before? What are your fave goodies? 

Auspicious Banana

PS - Tiong Bahru Bakery has other branches too!

1) 56 Eng Hoon St #01-70

2) 310 Orchard Rd, Tangs Orchard #L1-16B

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