Friday 7 November 2014

The Black Swan Bar for a great chillout

After a long week, it's always great to head to a place for a Friday drink and forget about the outside world for a bit. 

Stepping into the Black Swan is like stepping back into time. You're greeted by Waitresses in lovely flowing Blue Gowns, served by Bartenders with Waistcoats and rolled up Sleeves and an interior that resonates with the 20s. The Gold trimming around the interior really has that Great Gatsby feel. 

The Black Swan attracts a lively crowd so there is a buzz of chit chat and laughter. Everyone just feels at ease in this place. We decided we'd take up a strategic location at the Bar this time to watch the World around us. It also gave a perfect vantage point to witness the finesse of the Bartenders as they practised the art of mixology. 

The drinks at Black Swan are fantastic and the Mixologists know their stuff. It certainly didn't feel like a mass production line; each drink was treated with care, never rushed and served with a smile. 

We started off with Champagne (why not?) and received 2 Oysters each to go with it. Wonderful combo :)

The Oysters were nice and fresh and are shucked onsite. It was what 2 members of the kitchen staff did all night, opening shell after tasty shell. 

The Truffle Fries proved to be too tempting when they were spied on the food menu. Nice thick Fries arrived and they were even sprinkled with Truffle flakes. They're always a favourite so went down a treat. For those of us that like to dip; Ketchup and Aioli was also provided. 

To round off the food side, the Duck Pate and Rilette was also ordered. It was a very generous serve and garnished with pickled Vegetables. These were great for cleansing the palate and getting the appetite going. The Pate was perfectly smooth; love the fatty outer layer, and the Rilettes were seasoned well. Gotta love the chunky meatiness of it. This was served with a side of toasted Bread. A very heavenly; and possibly sinful, dish. 

The food is great at Black Swan; but it's time to move onto the drinks, which are a true highlight. 

We had a few drinks and all were made to an awesome standard. 

The Aperol Spritz reminded us of our holiday in Italy; our daily aperitivo sessions, and it was made very well here. A perfect blend of Aperol, sparkling Wine and a dash of sparkling Water. It's a perfect drink to start off the evening. We've always loved the bright orange of this drink as well. 

We also tried a concoction called a Parachute. It is Whisky based so it ensured a punch at the back of the throat after flowing past the taste buds. The drink was also unique in that it had a Cherry that was dipped in sweetened gold food colouring. It made the top of the drink shimmer; but be careful, it might give you gold "lipstick" after drinking it. 

I'm also not one to say no to a Negroni so even though it wasn't on the menu, I couldn't resist putting the team through the test. The Negronis here are very good; blending the bitterness of the Campari with the sweetness of the Vermouth, perfectly. They were so good I had 2 in a row. The Cucumber in the glass also gives it away that Hendricks was my chosen Gin :)

The food and drink at Black Swan is amazing and the staff take pride in turning their quality ingredients into a quality experience. The atmosphere at the establishment creates a relaxing ambience and you melt into the Great Gatsby world and really begin to relax. Right next door is their fine dining restaurant so it'd be great to try that one night.

If you've had a long week or need a great place to let your troubles drift away, check out the Black Swan. It's in Raffles Place so is even better for you corporate bods after work. Give it a go.

What is your fave bar to chill out at?


Auspicious Banana
@SGVekNZ (find me on Twitter)

You can find Black Swan at:

19 Cecil Street
Singapore 049704


  1. Yum looks great! Love the look of the rillettes and that Aperol spritz 😍

    1. When you're here for another visit; we'll have to take you BeirutiBrit! :)


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