Monday 2 December 2013

November World Colours; bought to you by the lovely Turquoise

<<Post by @SGVekNZ>>

Turquoise is such a unique blend of Blue and Green. It brings about a very pure essence to whatever it touches. It was interesting going through the photo collection to find shots of Turquoise too because it is so close to being a Blue. Hope you enjoy our contribution for November...... Turquoise is November's World Colour :)

Spot the Turquoise Macaroon
Jelly Beans; such a sweet treat, spot the Turquoise one :)

Espresso hit!
An underwater experience at the SEA Aquarium in Singapore
Disney Castle being lit up; Disney Land Paris
Helicopter flight over Queenstown in New Zealand
The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong
The water feature at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Singapore
A Kiwi icon! Spotted at Fern and Kiwi bar in Singapore
The Coffee menu. Liking the quote on the sign below :)
Peranakan pots lining a stairwell
Peranakan Slippers; wonderfully bright designs

And there you have it for November's World Colours. Hope you enjoyed the Turquoise Photos.

Did you have a favourite Photo? :)




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    2. Great choice :) It is a popular Peranakan Colour as you know. The picture was snapped during our visit to the Intan. A wonderful Peranakan collection to see.


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