Monday 2 December 2013

The Tavern, on the Sidewalk, out East :)

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If you're out East in Singapore and need a great place to chill out; have a drink and a bite to eat, you can't go wrong with Sidewalk Tavern.

It's a little local Pub based on East Coast Road and on any given day, you can definitely see many regulars there. This is no surprise with a whole menu full of different Beer (on Tap and Bottled) as well as Wine; mostly Australian or New Zealand based (it's run by an Australian/Singaporean Husband and Wife team).

The food menu is a great mix of Western and Eastern food. The Western food covers Beef, Pork and Chicken. The Eastern choices are Curries and even Char Kway Teow. It's actually not that bad!

I'm a pretty frequent visitor so will cover what I've eaten on my latest visit :)

On this day I had a need for Seafood and Meat!

The Seafood had to be a Starter so the classic Chilli, Garlic and Salt Squid was ordered.

Perfectly cooked; get it while it's hot

The Squid was lightly Floured before it was cooked so had a wonderful crispy texture, giving it a bit of crunch. 

Best eaten hot, the Squid was cooked perfectly, not chewy at all. It was a WIN! I wished the Chilli was a touch hotter though but the Garlic and Salt was great.

With the Seafood craving out of the way, it was time for the promise of Meat for the Mains.

The Schnitzel cast it's line and had me hooked. Order was placed for a Pork Schnitzel with Fries, Salad and Mushroom Sauce.

THIS didn't disappoint!

Picture says it all. This Pork Schnitzel was serious on taste. Key word; "Gravy" :)

The Pork was crumbed nicely and was a very generous size. Fries were great; bliss for dipping into all that Mushroom Gravy Sauce! The Sauce was very good. The Salad; well it's Greens, but was fresh :)

I was a very happy chappy with this meal.

@KiwiinSG ordered the Lamb Cutlets; cooked medium rare. They were also incredibly good, cooked perfectly, the crusted herbs on top was tasty and the side of roasted Veges added to the experience. Another excellent reading on the Yum-o-meter.


This was all washed down with Wine, Cocktails and a cheeky Whisky for me ;)

Sidewalk Tavern is a must try and if you're not convinced then maybe this next factoid will help...... They also serve all day Breakfast (one of the best inventions ever). My regular dish there is the Eggs Benedict. Always comes out perfect and goes with my add on order of Hash Browns and a naughty extra side of Bacon. This one is on my faves list! Just look at that pic below <drool>...

I'm speechless just looking at this. I'm a sucker for Eggs Benedict

And if all day Breakfast still doesn't convince you, then what if I said they also do a brilliant Sunday Roast on; well, Sundays. Always a pleaser, so good that I don't think I've ever taken a photo of it, I've always just started eating. The choice of roast Beef, Pork, Lamb and Chicken is there. Sides are the roasted Vege and Yorkshire Pudding!

So...... Convinced yet? 

Sidewalk Tavern is a great little Pub and never disappoints me with their great comfort food and drinks. 

Give it a go at 924 East Coast Road :)

Are you tempted to go? What are your favourite Brunch places to go in Singapore?



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  1. i can only agree about how good the pork schnitzel is - thanks for taking me there :-)


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