Monday 1 November 2010

Penang - Part One

The flight from Singapore to Penang took 55 minutes.  On arrival at Penang Airport we headed over to a counter to obtain taxi vouchers (the taxis have meters in the cars, but the drivers do not use them so you have to either ask them to use the meter or haggle a price to your destination before accepting the ride).  Our taxi ride to our accommodation in George Town took approximately half an hour.
Commonly referred to as the Pearl of the Orient, this is one of Asia’s famous islands.  Penang entices many tourists who are drawn to the beautiful beaches and to the deep culture embedded within the island. Penang was recently declared as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

George Town is the capital of the island state of Penang, on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia.

PART TWO can be found HERE.

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