Friday 1 March 2013

The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa is a half-length portrait of a woman (believed to be Lisa Gherardini) by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, which has been acclaimed as "the best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world."

The following picture show you  just how popular, and how small the painting of the Mona Lisa actually is!

There has been speculation on whether the Mona Lisa display at The Louvre is the original painting or a copy.  I have been doing some extensive research on the internet and have found answers to the spectulations, however, I won't publish my findings in this blog post . . . go and see it for yourself.

1 comment:

  1. Been to the Louvre many times but never made it inside. Mostly because I always seem to wind up there on the day it's closed! When will I ever learn? I'm starting to think the Mona Lisa and I are not destined to meet.


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