Friday 15 March 2013

World Colours - #GREEN (#worldcolors #worldcolours)

It's the month of March, and the colour we are featuring this month is GREEN!!

Last month was RED (<-- click that link to view my previous blog post).

Enjoy the selection of pictures I have chosen to showcase the colour green.

Hiding in the grass - Gardens by the Bay preview - November 2011
Feasting on the King of Fruits
Performers seen around Batu Caves - April 2011
Road Trippin in New Zealand - January 2012
View of Avenue Champs-Elysees from Arc de Triomphe
A Secret Hideaway

Green meadows projected on the ArtScience Museum at iLight Marina Bay 2012


  1. awesome photography and I find the green so soothing :)

    1. Thanks :) The green is indeed soothing. You should take part in this project, I'm sure you've got a lotta amazing photos!


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