Saturday 24 March 2012

Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar

I have handed the reins over to my husband for this blog post.

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar is tucked away in a quiet evening area close to Bukit Timah Rd. It can be easily missed so keep any eye out for the signage showing you where to go.

The establishment’s interior has a modern chic about it incorporating darker colours and mood lighting to create a calm atmosphere. One could easily feel chilled out here. There is a separation in dining areas. The first area is laid back with lounge like chairs and dining at a coffee table. The second area houses the traditional tables and chairs that we’re usually accustomed to. Overall it is quite tastefully furnished and some music is piped throughout to create some ambient noise.

The staff are dressed well, nothing formal but a smart casual look. I like this as it isn’t too “stuffy” and formal. They’re soft spoken and not much for conversation but are on hand to provide service. Empty plates are cleared away quickly.

Bread rolls came out first. They smelt so good! First time at a restaurant where it was bread with bacon pieces weaved into the dough; this was the secret behind the great smelling bread. This was served with butter. Rolls were lovely and warm of course and went down well.

For starters we had the cured ham salad and a poached egg dish. Doesn’t sound fancy but the test is in the taste.

The salad looked fresh and had a mix of greens, radish and watermelon. This was topped with generous slices of the fancy ham. Tasted pretty good and the ham wasn’t too salty.

The fancy poached egg was served with grilled asparagus, mushrooms and a fried bread stick for dipping. Great sauce on top, egg poached well (runny on the inside) and it was simple but very tasty.

Compressed watermelon, sliced Iberico ham, arugula salad, balsamic vinaigrette

Soft poached egg, wild mushroom in truffle jus, grilled asparagus, toasted brioche

Onto the mains; Barramundi and Beef Medallions.

The Barramundi was pan fried and served with grilled veges and potato gratin. The fish was well seasoned and cooked well so that it retained moisture and wasn’t dry at all. It was just cooked which was perfect. Tasted fresh as well. The skin was crispy and was a lovely golden colour. The veges and gratin were fine. Nice touch with the drizzling of olive oil as well to provide an additional subtle hint of flavour. 

The Beef was requested medium rare. Came out perfect, not dry but tender and had that nice grilled taste. The sauce was also good, a nice rich red/brown colour that went well with the Beef. Veges and gratin were fine once again. Overall a nice tasting dish.

with Herb fondue

with red wine and veal jus reduction

For dessert it was cheesecake. Tasted fine, nothing to rave about. It was served with a dollop of poached berries and a green chocolate filled mini Macaroon on top.


We finished off with some coffee. It was standard as well, nice but nothing to rave about

Had a glass of wine each as well with the meal; a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

Overall, nice food and a clean chill out place to relax. Saw some other dishes come out of the kitchen and they looked great so would definitely like to go back and try them out. We both enjoyed Skyve and won’t hesitate to go back for a second round to really test it out.  

The above was in conjunction with Singapore Restaurant week. Held in March of every year, since 2008. The cost for dinner is $35++, food and beverages outside this menu were at an additional charge.

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar is located at:
No.10 Winstedt Road
Block E, #01-17
Singapore 227977
Telephone: +(65) 6225 6690

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