Tuesday 25 October 2011

Deepavali - Festival of Lights

Diwali (also spelled Devali in certain regions) or Deepavali, popularly known as the "festival of lights", is celebrated between mid-October and mid-November for different reasons.  For Hindus, Diwali is one of the most important festivals of the year and is celebrated in families by performing traditional activities together in their homes.  For Jains, Diwali marks the attainment of moksha or nirvana by Mahavira in 527 BC.

This year, the Festival of Lights falls on 26 October 2011.

During Deepavali, the streets of Little India are artfully decorated and lit up in bright festive colours, transforming it with an explosion of vibrant, colourful arches and lights.

The festive stalls are decorated with wares such as fragrant flowers, garlands used during prayers, traditional oil lamps and beautiful Saris with intricate brocade patterns and glittering gems.  Colourful Indian outfits, intricate costume jewellery and traditional arts and craft are also on sale.  Indian delicacies can also be found in abundance during this period.

Lights on Serangoon Road

A new outfit isn’t complete without the application of henna on the hands.  Made from the henna plant, this natural-dye temporary ‘tattoo’ washes off in less than two weeks.

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