Tuesday 18 February 2014

Here Today. Gone Tomorrow

Singapore's landscape changes everyday. We all know that.

We have lived in the same condo out East for the last two years, and have been admiring the house across the road. We have seen it change from being a family home, to a home for 'working girls', to an abandoned home.

Then a sign went up.

The photo below was taken sometime in January. You can partially see the blue sign for the construction firm, and the house with the demolished carport.

I left the house this morning at around 8am and the house was still there.  However, when I came home at around 4pm I saw this . . . 

It certainly is sad to see this house go. With a lick of fresh paint on the outside and renovations done on the inside it would have made for a nice family home.

I assume another low-rise condominium is going up in its place.

Nothing is ever around for long in Singapore! Singapore is growing and changing in a much too rapid pace and must slow down.

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