Sunday 30 June 2013

World Colours - June; Orange guest post, by @SGVekNZ

It has been fun looking through photos and finding the Orange theme for this month.

Most of the enjoyment was actually getting the chance to go through old photos and getting a surprise; "I didn't know I took that!", kinda moments.

The trip down memory lane has been great. The impulse and desire to share every single snap has been hard to resist. I've only just managed to limit myself......somewhat. 

I'm pleased to be able to do my first contribution to the World Colours project and hope you enjoy it. 

Without further delay; I present to you World Colours June - Orange, by @SGVekNZ :)

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Recently went cycling at Singapore's East Coast Park. Awesome :)

This pic always reminds me of chilled out Weekends. I was with some of my best Singapore buddies here :)

The Apron stands out in this shot. World Street Food Congress in Singapore 2013

A gloomy day in Tokyo, Japan. A lone Cab drives past

Awesome Orange on these BBQed Prawns; World Street Food Congress, Singapore 2013

Comfy Chair in a Hotel lobby; Chinatown in Singapore

A stunning Orange glow from a Chicken Curry in Bali

Korean Persimmon Dessert

Orange tiles make up the rooves over Prague

Japanese kids on a School outing; all dressed up

I'm a big fan of Salmon and always love the Colour

Chinese New Year brings out the appearance of Mandarins everywhere

Kueh Pie Tee; topped with Prawn and some Fish Roe

Salmon Sashimi; stunning and tasty

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  1. Oh the chicken curry and that sushi? YUM! Loved the guest post!! ';)


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