Saturday 9 June 2012

Boot Camp - Four months' on

I am into my fourth month with REBEL BootCamp, and I am still enjoying it.  Time flies by really fast when you're getting fit, while having fun!

I must admit, there are days when I do not feel like going to a session.  There was times when I was just so tired, that the thought of missing a session sounded good, but once I turned up and completed the session I felt a whole lot better.

At the beginning of every month, there is a Basic Fitness Assessment (BFA), which takes us through endurance, strength and speed exercises..  The fitness assessment consists of:
  • 2K run (complete 2K within a time limit of 15 minutes)
  • Push ups (do as many as you can within 1 minute)
  • Sit ups (do as many as you can within 1 minute)
  • Grunts (do as many as you can within 1 minute)
  • Shuttle runs (do as many as you can within 5 minutes)

As you can see from the table below, I have shown much improvement in the four months that I have been with REBEL.

Note: I did not attend the BFA in March

As you can probably tell I am so chuffed with myself.  This is a big improvement for me having, not done any exercise for the last 10 years' or so.

Remember, the first couple of sessions are always the hardest, believe me it gets better!

A few more things I have learnt:

Attend all the sessions.

DON'T make excuses!

Have a positive mental attitude.

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  1. That is great Pam. Well done, keep up the good work! You are a true Rebel!! :-) Malin


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