Tuesday 1 September 2015

Authentic Sri Lankan cuisine at Tekka Market

Ever since we came back from our holiday in Sri Lanka (blog pending), we've been trying to find a place where we can re-create the memory of our holiday and our cooking class.

So, we our friend Anita Kapoor posted this picture of the Sri Lankan meal that she had right here in Singapore, I did some digging.

And thanks to Anita's good instructions of where to find this stall, we found it and we like it!

Dahl, fish and sweet potato

Thanks to the directions given, I managed to find Kodi (not sure that's how you spell it), the owner of Raja Bojun at Tekka Market.

Kodi tells me that the selection is changed each day, which is good, as there is so much more curry in Sri Lankan cuisine.

To find Raja Boju, enter Tekka Market Hawker Centre from Serangoon Rd, then turn to the stalls on the left. It's the only Sri Lankan cuisine stall in the row.

Kodi tells me that he's the only Sri Lankan cuisine stall in Singapore. We'll believe him for now.

Is there another Sri Lankan cuisine place you have found? Please share it with us in the comments below.


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