Tuesday 14 July 2015

Looking for great Mexican food in Seminyak?

It's always great to find a place that serves great food and in Bali, you're very spoilt for choice. Imagine though if you found a place with great music and a lot of fun thrown into the mix. That place is Motel Mexicola!

Just a little further on out of the main shopping stretch is Motel Mexicola. It isn't an accommodation place despite it's name, but a Mexican themed restaurant. Once you arrive you'll see that the theme is delivered very creatively with crazy murals, colours and decorations. It's almost like a club as it has music pumping and people with huge smiles having a good time.

At Mexicola it's all about sharing. The menu looks huge but don't be thrown off by that. It's really simple as you start off with smaller sharing plates first and then move through onto Mains. The menu is already laid out in this manner; just order from left to right. Once you come to choose your Mains, feel free to share as these are pretty big. 

The drinks are also great too. The main attraction is of course the Margaritas that are a must have. They come in single serves or a jug which is great for larger groups. We also tried the Mojitos and the Coco Colado which came in a coconut. 

The Mexican food at Mexicola is very tasty; a few squeezes of lime really brings out the flavours even more.

To start we had some Guacamole to get the taste buds going. So good when you can taste how fresh the ingredients are and the corn chips are extra crunchy. 

The slow roasted Pork Tostaditas; De Cochinitas, were up next. They're a helping of Pork on small corn chips topped off with pickles. It's like finger food so it's bite sized and one bite was it; all gone! These were great, Pork was still so juicy. 

With the taste of the Tostaditas still lingering in our mouth, we moved onto the Empanadas. These are like small pastries and you can have fillings of your choice. We decided on a vegetarian one filled with melted cheeses, mushrooms, corn and peppers. 

Eat these as soon as they come out as it is fantastic when still hot and the cheese oozing.

Now it wouldn't be right if we didn't try any Tacos. Seafood was the choice for this round so we opted for the tempura prawn and grilled fish. The Tacos were nice and soft and a squeeze of lime on the seafood was perfect. The grilled fish stood out the most though; wonderfully juicy and best eaten when it's served and hot. The tomato salsa gave it a bit of a vinegar edge too, this was perfect. The tempura prawn had a pineapple salsa giving the taco the sour/sweet treatment.

Tempura Prawn Taco

Grilled Fish Taco
With these appetite inducing morsels the main was the next to come; the breaded chicken, which is stuffed with rajas poblanas to give it a good spicy kick and topped with a coriander salsa. It also comes with a small side dish of chipotle mash and extra tacos for some DIY wrap fun :)

Really enjoyed the rajas poblanas stuffed inside the chicken. It gave enough heat to the dish but had the coriander salsa to bring it back down again before you had to call the fire brigade. 

Apart from the food though; Mexicola has a great atmosphere. They have some good tunes that their DJ pumps out across the restaurant. You always know if it is a crowd favourite as people at most tables will start to bob their heads up and down or waving their hands in the air. 

The staff are also easy going as well; dancing and singing as the deliver meals but never compromising the service. They're really fun and will start clapping and dancing to get the customers into it. They got so many revved up that they all started dancing on the stage! Really fun and all the kids at Mexicola enjoyed the experience immensely; Mexicola is for all ages.

Motel Mexicola is a place we'd come back to again and again. Fresh tasty food, good variety, well made drinks and a fantastically fun atmosphere. You really feel like you're on holiday here with the whole restaurant getting into the groove and festivities. The decor is also top notch; a great courtyard flanked on both sides with bars. Incredible staff as well; friendly and always smiling. They make the place what it is. Already missing the place just by doing this post!

So next time you're in Bali; Seminyak, check out Motel Mexicola and tell us what you think. You can even make a booking via their website which is really handy. 

Oh; and don't forget to try the Magaritas! 

Do you like Mexican food? What's your fave dish?

Motel Mexicola is located at:
Jl. Kayujati No. 9 X, Petitenget
Bali 80361
Phone:+62 (0361) 736 688

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