Thursday 17 July 2014

Quick little post - A new Bar and a disappearing Food Centre

** Alas Lavender Food Square; mentioned in the second part of this post closed on the 30th September 2014, to make way for a condo development. It is indeed super saddening to lose the Hawker stalls there. I've heard that some are moving back to their original flagship stores so I'm very keen to track them down soon! ** 

Post by @SGVekNZ

I recently had a great catch up with my good buddy G in the weekend. The girls were away so we decided to hang out, chat a bit and enjoy some Pints and food. 

The Bar of choice was 1925 on Jalan Besar. They've only been open a month or so and were crafting their own 2 Beers. 1925 is a nice looking place, dim lighting and with a retro feel. The techno kinda swing music added to it and the staff were pretty friendly and attentive. 

1925's 2 craft Beers weren't available for purchase yet but they did allow free tastings of both the Pale and Dark ones (don't think they've named them yet). G and I didn't hesitate to have a tasting.

"Black and White"

The Beers were still very young and needed more time to mature. A character and distinctive taste were missing and the Hops were barely recognised by the taste buds. 

The Dark one however; G and I agreed had potential if given another 2 - 3 weeks. We're excited to go back and try it again and see how it has developed. 

We also tried some of their Starters from the food menu which were good for sharing. 

The BBQed Chicken Wings had a great tangy sweet sauce on them. The Wings themselves needed another 5 minutes or so on the BBQ to bring out the grilled taste. The sauce was good though.

Chicken Wings with a touch of Sesame

The Wasabi Fries were good; and if you needed an extra Wasabi hit, a side of Wasabi Mayo was provided. 

Wasabi Fries and Wasabi Dip

Then there was the lure of Pork. Being blokes, we couldn't resist Pork Belly. Like the Chicken Wings, great sauce but the Pork itself also needed more time on the grill. The skin wasn't crispy too so a bit of a shame.

Pork Belly with a nice Sauce

Overall though, it was a good experience with the food and it was good to see the staff acknowledge our feedback. They looked eager to improve given how new the place is. 

Will be keen to go back to try the Beers and see how 1925 is going.

Well; you'll probably recall we only had Starters at 1925, so it would be rude not to go to the Hawker Centre across the road for more tasty morsels :) I was pretty excited as I've never been to Lavender Food Square Centre before. 

This place really stuck in my mind because G mentioned that they were going to knock it down soon to build a condo. Really sad; being my first time there, the food was very good!

We were still thirsty; so first things first, the Tigers had to be done :)

Add Tiger to complete the chillout

We then ordered 3 dishes to share.

The Chilli Lala was very good and a decent serving. We thought the Chilli sauce was a bit sweet but after adding that little bit of acidicity with the Lime, the flavour really grew on us. It was delicious. 

Chilli Lala; love the name :)

We also had Carrot Cake; it was excellent. The Uncle appeared to have put in some small diced pickled vegetables into the Carrot Cake as well. It made it extra tasty! 

Fave dish of the night; Carrot Cake

And finally; only because we were talking about it earlier on in the evening; Oyster Omelette. It had to be done as G noticed I kept eyeing up the stall to make sure they weren't closing! I just didn't want to miss out.

The Oysters were of a decent size; generous on the serving, and the Egg and Starch was crispy on one side whilst moist in the center. It was pretty nom. 

A good crisp on the Oyster Omelette

All in all a fantastic way to chit chat and end the night. 

Really keen to try the other food stalls  there too, just can't believe they're going to knock it down to build a condo. I'll have to try and squeeze in more visits before that happens. What a real shame and loss it'll be when it is gone. 

Get here if you like the comfort foods and see what you think. 

Anyone been to Lavender Food Square Centre before? 

So there we have it, 2 great places visited in one night and very satisfying on the taste buds with some good food. Will definitely make our way back there again; both places, for another chillout session.

Have you visited any new places in your home town recently?


Auspicious Banana
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