Friday 17 August 2012

New Zealand comes to Singapore!

They opened up their first cafe in Christchurch, New Zealand back in 1988, and called it Lone Star Cafe, and 24 years later, there are 20 Lone Star Cafes in New Zealand.

They felt it was time to spead their wings, and decided upon Singapore, where "it's hot, it's fun and everybody loves eating and drinking out."  The name of the bar and eatery is 'Fern & Kiwi', chosen because the 'fern' and the 'kiwi' are two of New Zealand's greatest icons.

The following is an exert from their website:

"Lead by New Zealand celebrity chef Mathew Metcalfe, Fern & Kiwi will serve beef, lamb, pork and venison
straight from the farm and fish and oysters plucked straight from New Zealand waters.

Premium New Zealand pinot noir and sauvignon blanc labels will be served on tap - the latest trend to please
both the environment and the wallet - and will be joined by a line-up of New Zealand’s favourite beers including Steinlager, Mac’s, Speight’s.

Channelling the typical, drawn-out Kiwi summer holiday - fresh ingredients, cool beers and chilled-out tunes -
Fern & Kiwi will also introduce Singapore to some of New Zealand’s best Kiwi-grown musical talent."

Located in Clarke Quay, Fern and Kiwi will open its doors in September 2012.

I can't wait until next month, but until then, we can have a look at their website.

Fern and Kiwi Logo, taken from their Facebook page


  1. That sounds wonderful! If I get a few days stop off in Singapore on one of my trips Down Under I must go and see.

  2. We are so super excited about this! We are from Chch and so have been going to the Lonestar for ever. It was looking very nearly finished a couple of weeks ago so once hubby gets back from yet another work trip (India this time) we will be heading down there to try it out.


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